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Strategic Emerging Industry Investment Summit Held

Published time:2016.10.26

On the morning of October 24, strategic emerging industry investment summit of Shunyi District, with the theme of “the new industry, new energy and new economy”, was held. Beijing Municipal Government Deputy Mayor Sui Zhenjiang, Deputy municipal government Secretary-General Liu Yinchun, Shunyi District Party Secretary Wang Gang, Mayor Gao Peng and other urban leaders as well as more than 400 enterprises from all over the country participated this event.

In the Summits, the speakers from Shunyi District introduced the development of the overall development of new industries and the smart new energy automotive eco-industry demonstration area. In the workshops, representatives from the third generation of semiconductor materials and application of joint innovation base, Kingdee Software Park and Shougang Fund made presentations about their projects. Yang Bo, founder of LeBo Capital, Fu Yan, Chairman of Zhongqing Venture Capital, Chen Hao, General Manager of Junlian Capital, and other leaders of the venture capital industry, delivered keynote speeches.

 Shunyi District is Beijing's most important modern manufacturing base, and the output value ranks first in the city.
The industry has a strong foundation, covering a wide variety of range with distinctive features and leading technology. Shunyi will focus on smart new energy vehicles, aerospace, information technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing and other industries, aiming at attracting talents, investment and financial institutions.

 That the strategic emerging industries will achieve rapid development, depends on its rich resources as well as preferential policies in Shunyi District.
In terms of development space, there are still 720 hectares of planned industrial land in Shunyi, including 270 hectares of land available soon; 1430 hectares of comprehensive land, including 630 hectares of first-grade development. In addition there are 70 hectares of state-owned land to be redisposed, 120 hectares of collective-owned land to be reused and 2.6 million square meters office space to be rented and sold. The district government provides over 100,000 square meters for public rental. Meantime, Shunyi District government allocates one billion yuan special funds each year to support industrial development, covering the period from the start to the listing on the stock market. The industry fund size reached 100 billion yuan to support the research, application and strategic development of new industries. Overall, Shunyi has a unique culture, making it the base for the gigantic development and expansion of many enterprises. It can be predicted that the future of Shunyi's strategic emerging industries will usher in rapid development.